The End of an Era

As I lay in my bed on Thursday night at 12am, it finally hits me. One Direction is over, gone forever. To some people, it seems a bit silly to still be a fan of One Direction, but it means more than they will ever know. You see, because of One Direction I have made some of the best memories and had the most unforgettable experiences that I will remember for a lifetime. Even if its just the countless nights watching their youtube videos with friends, or having a little party while watching their award shows. The joy I get from seeing One Direction, or just thinking about them is indescribable. I have made countless friends because of them, and even organized a fan project at my show. One Direction is more than just a boyband, they have changed my life, and thousands of other peoples lives to.

A moment I don’t really every talk about often is when I received the news that Zayn had left One Direction. I am pretty sure everyone can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing at the time they heard the news. Its one of those things that felt almost personal, and it felt like I was betrayed as a fan. 5 years of our lives were given to him just to get a post on Facebook talking about his departure from the band. I didn’t really think that I could feel that empty void in my heart again, until I woke up this morning to 2 tweets from the Liam Payne. He had stated that he signed with a recording company and would go solo. You see, Liam hasn’t straight up said he is leaving One Direction, but I think we all received the hint that it is what is happening. When I first heard the news my first emotion was anger. I was angry at the situation because they were just suppose to be going on hiatus (a pause or gap in a sequence). When I first heard the news of the hiatus, I wasn’t necessarily happy, but I knew it was what they needed and I was just glad they weren’t breaking up. But at this point, I would of rather had them say a year ago that they were breaking up, rather than making me think that I had 6 more months until my boys came back. I guess I shouldn’t have put so much trust into their hands. Its just sad that when people asked if they were breaking up it was deny, deny, deny, only for it to be true in the end.

I can sit here and be angry, or upset, but then I think about all the good times I had with them. The joy I got when i purchased my VIP tickets for this past concert, or the happiness my heart filled with when I would see them perform and think “those are my boys.” I truly don’t think I would be the person I am today without these boys. They have brought me happiness, even when I thought I couldn’t be happy. I am blessed to have grown up with them, and if this is the way we have to say goodbye, then it sucks, but it had to happen eventually. To Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and even Zayn, thank you for giving me the best stories and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Never forget, One Band, One Dream, One Direction.

P.S: In the meantime I will be thinking about how I will never hear Love You Goodbye live.

All the love,



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